Vice President, Business Intelligence

Vice President, Business Intelligence:

Vice President, Business Intelligence

Job Title:

Vice President, Business Intelligence


Calling on all Senior Business Intelligence Executives for a great opportunity to manage end-to-end Business Intelligence activities for both technology and business areas.  You will handle the technical architecture and development, implementation and operations for big data management for BI platforms.  Bring your knowledge of Data Warehousing, Real-time Analytics, Campaign Management and Data Mining and Reporting to this exceptional job opportunity.


Manage a department that can build, implement, maintain, and manage a large Data Warehouse environment, together with the Business Intelligence applications to provide users with timely and accurate data analysis and decision support functionality. The job responsibilities will include:

·         Overseeing the technical design including both logical and physical data models

·         Leading the team for integration of data from various source systems into the data warehouse and implementation of OLAP tools

·         Managing the deployment and administration of Business Intelligence applications

·         Supervising the creation of reports and “user dashboard” functions and maintenance of data mining functions with variable selection criteria

·         Taking responsibility for the operational management and department leadership of the data warehouse environment; ensuring data quality, and data integrity; defining policies for data security, and performance tuning


·         10+ years of experience working with data warehouse and data analysis tools for BI systems, at least 5 years of which at a senior management level

·         Ability to create a BI technology vison, roadmap and strategic plan

·         Strong experience working with development tools such as SAS, Oracle ODI, Business Objects, DataStage, Teradata, etc.

·         Strong analytical skills and market knowledge

·         Able to design and deliver practical solutions, in a high-pressure environment

·         Large-scale project and team management background from a Multinational Company

·         A proven ability to lead and motivate others

·         Good negotiation and OPEX and CAPEX budgeting skills

·         Able to communicate effectively in both Thai and English

·         Thai nationality required

The perfect background would include work with extremely large volumes of data, such as Call Data Records (telco vendor or mobile operator) or financial service transactions (banking).

If you are interested in this position, please feel free to contact

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